Agile Leadership Development

Agile Leadership Development

Our agile leadership development and organizational change services are aimed at helping leaders and leadership teams on their journey to accomplish their dreams and goals. We focus on authentic leadership, not fear-based leadership, to help people expand their capacity as leaders.

We provide Agile Leadership Training and Agile Leadership Coaching, and Leadership Assessments for executives, directors, managers, leadership teams, as well as informal leaders throughout the organization.

Agile Leadership Development Training

Leadership success hinges on engaging intelligent and creative people and cultivating strong relationships. We often try to help people through process, project, or product improvement; while these improvements can be valuable, they are not directly aimed at helping people be awesome. Transformational Leadership Training is for individuals who want to help their people be awesome and successful by moving to the next level of leadership.

Our Transformational Agile Leadership Training targets specific challenges to impact results today as well as build stronger leaders and teams to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Imagine a space where you and other agile leaders can be authentic, present, and bring ‘your best selves’ each day to inspire others. Imagine a place where people love to work and, even when there are tough challenges, come to work excited to help others. These ideas may seem well within reach or way out of reach at your organization; either way, we can start with a conversation about helping your people and organization move to the next level of success. Learn more about our Agile Leadership Development Training.

Agile Leadership Coaching

We offer Agile Leadership Coaching as a core component of our agile leadership development services for individual leaders (at any level) and leadership teams.  Preparing for or working through organizational changes? Standing up new teams? Working on a merger or acquisition? Moving to agile to deliver more value to your customers?

Our Leadership Coaching is goal-focused, to target specific goals and challenges you want to address. Today’s leaders face a wealth of challenges from complexity to conflict in the workplace. Agile Leadership Development is not about fixing people, it is about helping leaders gain new perspectives, information, and insights to help them improve and lead their people to achieve goals. The old carrot & stick management approaches have been proven ineffective in today’s complex knowledge-based world. Today’s leadership is about enabling people to use their talents to be amazing.

Leadership Assessments

The Leadership Circle AssessmentThe Leadership Circle Assessment is based on over 50,000 assessments, statistics, and research to help leaders understand where they are today and offer insights into where they have room for growth. The Leadership Circle Assessment provides an in-depth leadership profile, leadership effectiveness assessment, and most importantly information to help each leader improve!
The Leadership Circle


We can you help you design leadership workshops, retreats, quarterly sessions, or whatever events you are planning and then facilitate those events for you and your team. We can help you design a program based on your goals that engages members, builds teamwork, and leads to a successful event.

Contact us to learn more, ask us lots of questions, and find out if we can help you meet your goals!