Agile Alliance Analysis & Product Management Program

The Agile Alliance approved a new program – Analysis and Product Management in Agile!  I included the full announcement below.

Based on this, we have a great group who we are going to be running an Agile Open Jam at the BBC Conference in Las Vegas in a few weeks.  If you are heading that way – check it out!

Agile Open Jam - Analysis and Product Management in Agile

A bit of the Background

Kent McDonald has a great summary how things happened on his blog as well – beat me to the punch! I’m glad you mentioned the comic sans discussion!

My recollection… and some links to Twitter for any of these fine people you may want to follow (HINT HINT).

There has been a lot of things happening over the last 6 months – including an unconference organized earlier in the year in New York by Gojko Adzic (@gojkoadzi).  There were a number of great folks who attended.  Lots of learning and exploring in the product space.

From there things have moved in a few directions and I’m 100% sure I do not know all of them!  A few of us found ourselves up late one evening at the Agile 2013 Conference in Nashville – and the topic of what is next came up.  That group was Kent McDonald, Jeffrey Davidson, Inger Dickson, Kupe Kupersmith, and myself.  Then more conversations went on with Chris Matts (highly recommend his book Commitment BTW) and Leslie Morse.

Kent and Ellen Gottesdiener (update: Read Ellen’s Post on the Agile Open Jam at #BBCCon) really got this nailed down and finalized – so thank them if you run across them in your travels or tweeting.  I’m sure I am missing others as well.

If you can’t make it, we will be posting updates via Twitter and a Google+ Community we are using.  Feel free to join in!

Agile Alliance Announcement (via Newsletter)

Analysis and Product Management in Agile

The Agile Alliance board recently approved a new program, Analysis and Product Management in Agile, with the purpose of providing a way for practitioners in the business analysis and product management communities to share stories, questions, and puzzles about using those skills in an agile setting and to share ideas between communities.  The program Chair is Kent McDonald.

(Un)conference in a Conference
We’re pleased to announce that the first activity of this program is to facilitate an “(un)conference in a conference” at the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference where attendees can take part in conversations about the intersection of business analysis, business process, and business rules with agile principles and techniques.

The members of the Analysis and Product Management inAgile program will curate the outcomes of the discussions and make them available to Agile Alliance members on our website.

The Building Business Capability Conference is being held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas NV November 11 – 15, 2013.  It is the only conference that combines insight into Business Analysis, Business Architecture, Business Process, Business Strategy & Transformation and Business Rules & Decisions to facilitate creating the agile enterprise.  The conference is filling up quickly but registration is still available on the BBC Conference Website:

We’d like to thank the International Institute of Business Analysis(IIBA) and the organizers of the Building Business Capability Conference for helping us put together a means for members of the analysis, business rules, and business process communities come together to discuss agile approaches.

See you there if you can make it! 


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